Leader Resources for Unit Elections

This page is a collection of resources available to help facilitate the unit election process. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us (click here).


  • Scoutmaster Letter: download
    • This is an overview letter that covers the entire process of a unit election, and is intended as an introduction to the unit election process for 2014.
  • Scoutmaster Pre-Election Checklist: download
    • This is a checklist breakdown of everything that is expected of the unit before the election.
  • Election Forms:
    • Youth Election worksheet: download
    • Adult Election worksheet: download
    • These are worksheets to help you collect the information that will need to be submitted via an online form.
    • Fill out these worksheets at your election. Make sure you keep a copy.  Both an adult leader from the troop and a member of your election team should submit the results to our website at the respective URLs given at the bottom of the worksheet.
  • Unit Election Evaluation Form: go there!
    • We would love your feedback about how your election went!
    • Please consider filling out this evaluation form so that we can continue to improve.

Unit Election Video

The video that is shown at unit elections can be viewed here or downloaded by clicking the link below the video. 

Download video (very large file, 120 MB)