Unit Election Evaluation

Please consider using the following form to evaluate the unit election team. We will use this information to improve the election experience, both for elections remaining this year and in coming years.

Evaluation Form

Enter a partial or complete unit number, then choose the correct unit from the choices. If the unit is not listed, please contact us.

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Did the unit elections team arrive on time?

Was the unit elections team in proper uniform?

Was the team courteous to leaders and Scouts?

Was the team knowledgeable of election procedures?

Did the team have the correct forms?

Was the unit leader advised of the election procedures?

Was the unit leader advised in advance of the choices available for call-outs?

Was the election conducted in accordance with OA and BSA rules, policies, and procedures?

Were any other presentations, such as camp promotions, well-presented?

Did the election offer a clear statement of criteria on which Scouts should base their vote?

If the unit leader decided to have the newly-elected candidates called out, was the call-out impressive?

Did the unit's Order of the Arrow Troop/Team Representative help conduct the unit election?

What was your overall impression of the unit election?

How could it have been improved?

What can the Order of the Arrow do to better serve your unit?

Thank you for helping to make our unit elections better. Your time is greatly appreciated!