Unit Elections

This is the portal for unit elections in Nataepu Shohpe Lodge. You can use the links below to navigate, and you can contact us (click here) at any time if you have problems.

Membership Requirements

This information is taken directly from the Order of the Arrow’s Guide for Officers and Advisers. Youth Requirements – click here to view Adults in a Unit – click here to view


This system is intended to be as simple as possible.

  • First, contact your local chapter chief and chapter adviser for details as to how you will be paired with another troop, and when to train your election team.  If you are unaware of the changes in how Unit Elections are ran, please read the “Scoutmaster Letter” document.
  • Once you have contacted your chapter chief, try and find a way to get your selected scouts who are to be your elections team to a Unit Elections training.  While you can run an election without being trained, it will make the process much smoother.
  • When you receive the contact information for the troop you are paired with, let your election team take the initiative in setting up the election for the troop you are responsible for.
  • Once the date for your election is set, you can prepare for your election by visiting the resources page (click here). This page contains all of the information you will need for your election to be successful, including all necessary forms and the unit election video.
  • You can also generate a ballot for your election using our ballot generator tool (click here).
  • Once your election is completed, we would love for you to fill out our evaluation form (click here). It is completely optional, but it will help us to improve our future elections.

List of Pages

This is a list of all pages in our unit elections system, provided for your convenience.