Centurion Award Recipients

oa100_logo_transparentNataepu Shohpe Lodge is pleased to announce the thirteen recipients of the Centurion Award. This award is bestowed by the National Order of the Arrow committee and is a one-time recognition associated with the OA Centennial. The award is intended to highlight “Hometown Heroes” – Arrowmen who have meaningfully contributed to the forming, maturing and ongoing operational excellence of their local Council Lodge, and who, in doing so, inspired others to follow in their footsteps.

The service of these Centurion Award recipients spans the decades long history of the Order of the Arrow in West and Northern Michigan, including all of our legacy lodges. Among them are great Scout Leaders – scouts and scouters, professionals and volunteers, chiefs and advisers whose leadership and example have built and sustained Nataepu Shohpe Lodge (through its predecessor Lodges) and whose continued service has inspired others.

It was a tremendous challenge for our Centurion Selection Committee to nominate and select (as we were permitted by the National OA committee) just thirteen brothers out of our 80+ year Lodge history for this National OA Centennial Award – there were so many more Brothers that were equally worthy of this recognition! We are blessed to have a rich tradition of great Order of the Arrow leadership and service in our communities.

Formal recognition of these OA Centurions will take place after NOAC this fall.

The President Ford Field Service Council and Nataepu Shohpe Lodge are proud to recognize the following brothers with the National Order of the Arrow Centurion Award:

Larry Bogart

Larry K. Bogart* – nominated as an Adult

OA member and adviser for nearly 30 years. Chapter Advisor 1983- 1993, Lodge Trading Post Advisor 1993 – 2006. Actively supported the Section Trading Post for many years, Vigil Re-dedication ceremony coordinator. *Larry Bogart passed away in 2014.

Eric Verhaar

Eric Verhaar* – nominated as a Youth

Twice elected Lodge Chief. Camp nickname “Elmo”. Lodge OA ceremonialist extraordinaire from 2005 to 2009, his talents as a speaker, leader and regalia maker were beyond normal. His name and camp name are fixed to the Gerber Scout Reservation OA regalia building. *Eric Verhaar passed away in 2009.

Laude Hartrum IV

Laude Hartrum IV – nominated as a Youth

Called out 2007, Troop Representative 2007-2012, Chapter Chief 2011, Lodge Merger Transition Team Chairman 2011-2012. Many point to Laude and his inspiring leadership for the rapid and smooth transition of the two legacy lodges to the new Nataepu Shohpe Lodge.

Nicholas Killian

Nickolas “Nick” Killian – nominated as a Youth

Twice elected Lodge Chief served as a ceremonial team member and leader, dance team member, and longtime member of the Camp Greilick camp staff, ultimately becoming the camp Program Director and then its Camp Director. Section Vice-Chief and Section Service Award winner. His example of OA leadership and service has been a strong force in mentoring many other Scouts to become active on the camp staff and in the Lodge.

Russel Kolski

Russell Kolski – nominated as an Adult

Guardian of the history for the Order of the Arrow in West Michigan. Known for his continuous behind the scenes support of OA – routinely leading large complex service projects. Former Council Camping chair, member of Properties committee, Camp Visitation/NCAP team member, and statewide chair for Cub Scout Resident Camping.

Ryan Kriesh

Ryan Kriesch – nominated as a Youth


Lodge Chief. Lead OA Executive Committee to develop the Takachsin Lodge Recognition Totem to promote stronger camp staff involvement and encourage all brothers to strengthen their ties of service, leadership and fellowship in our Lodge. Sales of Takachsins have significantly contributed to the Lodges many service and financial “gifts” to the council and camp.

Twice elected Lodge Chief, Pat’s youth leadership in his Troop, his Chapter and Lodge, and as a long standing member of the Camp Greilick camp staff, set him and his continued volunteer Scouting and community leadership apart. Past Council President of Scenic Trails Council.

Patrick Parker

Patrick “Pat” Parker – nominated as a Youth

His leadership example as a camp staff member thru serving in EVERY OA ceremonial role – he is the only brother to have earned EVERY Takachsin Lodge Totem service bead -all twelve of them. His Lodge service example included leadership as a ceremonial team leader, Vice chair of service (a role he really excelled at) and vice chair of administration.

Bradley Stachowiak

Bradley “Brad” Stachowiak – nominated as a Youth

Derek Stark was turned to in the Summer of 2010 to guide Nacha Tindey Lodge through the dramatic loss of its Lodge Advisor. His spirit of leadership, service and cooperation was vital to recovering from that sudden loss, and to the merging of the two Lodges that formed the new Nataepu Shohpe Lodge in 2012.

Derek Stark

Derek Stark – nominated as an Adult

inducted 1974; Supreme Chief of the Fire 1997-2013. Mike transformed Gerber Scout Reservation by integrating the Order of the Arrow into the summer camp programs and the use of the Order of the Arrow to develop future camp and OA Lodge leadership and professionals for the Scouting program. Under Mike’s mentorship, Nacha Tindey Lodge grew almost 500%. Ceremonies at Gerber Scout Reservation take place in one of the finest ceremonial rings in the country thanks to Mike’s leadership. His legacy within Nataepu Shohpe Lodge will be the development and implementation of the vision that the Order of the Arrow can and should be the center of any quality summer camp program.

Michael Sulgrove

Michael D. Sulgrove – nominated as an Adult

Lodge Chief, Publications Adviser for more than 10 years, Administrative and Event Registration adviser for the lodge, developed Excel based database for administration that was used until Nacha Tindey adopted Lodgemaster as its administration tool. Supported Section C-2B for many years in administration and events – and continues to attend service weekends with his troop and grandsons – he continues to be an asset to our lodge through his advice and guidance!

Robert VerDuin

Robert C. VerDuin – nominated as an Adult

Chapter adviser 1990-1994, Lodge Adviser 1994 – 2003. The service and leadership example that Lon provided as our Lodge Advisor is precisely the one that every following Lodge Advisor has tried to live up to since his term. His skills as a craftsman, his dedication as a Scout leader, his superb leadership as Lodge Advisor and his passion for great Scouting has left a real mark on our Council, Gerber Scout Reservation, and Lodge.

Lon Watterman

Lon Waterman – nominated as an Adult

Twice elected Lodge Chief. Rick was also active with Section leadership and service roles. Served five summers on camp staff service at Gerber Scout Reservation. As a part of our Lodge leadership of the 1990’s and since has greatly influenced and guided our Lodge with his example of service to God, Country, and Others.

Richard Williams

Richard “Rick” Williams – nominated as a Youth